History of Qurbani Or History Of Eid Ul Adha

The word ‘Qurban’ is Arabic. Which means dedication, gifts, approaches, ways to get closer. The word is also seen in Arabic languages. The person who devoted himself to the nearness of Allah, he is called as a sacrifice. The word is known in Arabic as ‘Qurbani’ in the Arabic word ‘ya’. Which means my dedication, my gift, the way to gain contact with me. The things which are used as the means of getting closer to Allah are also called sacrificial ones. Whether it is the sacrificial animal or the object of worship or the general charity or donation. The work of every reward, which is expected to receive the blessings of Allah, is also called sacrificial. But in common terms, this term is used for animal sacrifice. So let’s talk about History of Qurbani in Islam or History of Eid Ul Adha.

History of Qurbani Or History Of Eid Ul Adha

The word in the Quran has been used in three places. Allah says, ‘Those who say that Allah has commanded us that we should not believe in any messenger unless he will offer us such a sacrifice which will consume the fire.’ “[Surah 3, Al-Imran, 183}

The Jews invented this idiom for not observing the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), that there was a rule to keep the offerings of the previous prophets in a field or in the mountains, then a fire came out of the sky and burnt it. This was the sign of acceptance of sacrifice or sadaqa. But this is not seen in your law. Basically, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and His people have given this feature by Allah, that instead of converting the sacrificial animals into the fire, it will be able to eat it or give it to the poor sinners.

Elsewhere, Allah has said, “Be the narration of the two sons of Adam (Cabbel and Habil). When they both sacrificed, one person’s sacrifice was accepted and the other was not accepted. He said, I’ll kill you. The other said, “Surely Allah accepts sacrifice of the righteous.” (Surah 5, Ayat 27)

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When Adam and Haoya come When the world came to birth and the reproduction and reproduction of the child began, twins were born like a son and a daughter from every womb. Then Adam A had no children except brother and sister. But brothers and sisters cannot be married to each other. Therefore, for the sake of the present necessity, Allah specifically decreed that the birth of twins and sons from the same womb would be considered as the brothers and sisters of each other. The marriage between them will be forbidden. But the child born from the next pregnancy will not be considered the sister born from the first birth. Their marriage will be legal. But, incidentally, Kabbil’s innate sister was the supreme saint and Habil’s sister-in-law was ugly. At the time of marriage, Habil’s innate ugly sister falls in the category of Kavil. In this, Kabil became angry with Habil. He insisted that my innate sister should marry me. Adam Adam According to the law of his law, the ablution of the Kabbil refused. Then he said to remove the differences between Ka’bila and Habil, both of you would present their sacrifices for Allah. At that time there was a clear sign of the acceptance of slaughtering that there was a flame coming from the sky and the material of the sacrifice would be burnt back and lost again. The flame, which he did not catch, was considered rejected.

Among the difficult tests, Allah took in the trial of Prophet Ibrahim, in which among them the test of the sacrifice of Ishmael was one of the trials. Prophets are subject to tests according to their respective dignity and place. He was ordered to sacrifice his son in a dream. The dreams of the Prophets are equivalent to the awakened status. He dreamed after three nights that Allah Ta’ala ordered his son to be sacrificed. According to some commentators, Ibrahim A. First of all, the seven days of Zilhajj night dream this night at eight o’clock tonight. The whole day is spent in anxiety, anxiety, and anxiety that the dream is not from God or the plot of Satan? So this day is called Yawmut Tarabiah (day of anxiety). He saw the same dream in the eight days of the night and the night. In Islam, the day has been named Yawmul Arafah. The next night too Ibrahim A. He sees the same dream and he realizes that this is a command of Allah. So this day is named Yomumun Nahr or the day of sacrifice. In spite of having a different interpretation of the dream, Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) He bowed before Allah’s command.

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The dreams of the Prophets are revealed. So there is no doubt about the dreams that the Prophets see. But this is not our dream. So if we dream of something that is not in the Shari’ah, then it can not be done. If someone dreamed that he would give a shirt or give a watch or a cow, go, or give a snake to such a sacred place, then it can not be done according to these dreams. Because these are illegal and illegal acts. However, if a person sees anything in the Shari’ah in a dream, then he has a dream.

The history of this sacrifice was briefly mentioned in just one place in the Qur’an. Allah said, ‘He said, (Ibrahim A.) I went to my Lord. He must guide me on the right path. O my Lord! Give me a good child. Then We gave him the glad tidings of a stubborn son (Ishmael). Then when he reached the age of working with his father, Abraham said, son! I dream that I am slaughtering you. What is your opinion now? He said: O my father! Do what you have been commanded. By Allah’s will you find me patient. When they both obeyed and Ibrahim a. Then he cried to his son, then I called him, ‘O Abraham! If you truly follow the dream. In this way I reward the righteous. Surely this was a clear test. We freed him (Ishmael) and instead of sacrificing him a great creature. I have remembered it for later generations. Peace be upon Abraham! Thus do We reward the doers of good. He was one of my believing servants. {Surah 37 Safafat, Ayat-99-111}

According to history and commentary based on tafsir, it is known from the fact that when Ishmael reached the age of thirteen or near, then Ibrahim A. In front of an appropriate son, he said in a reply, “I dreamed that I am slaughtering you.” Like a father and a future prophet. When he heard the father, he replied, Do as you are commanded. By Allah’s will you find me patient. Some of the narrations suggest that the Prophet Abraham (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) After receiving the command to sacrifice, the son said to him, boy! Take ropes and knives, we will go to the Valley to collect the family’s fuelwood. When he reached the lonely place of the valley, he informed the son about the sacrifice. Satan is the Prophet Abraham. Ismael A And he tried to deceive Hagar repeatedly. Ibrahim A When his son was ordered to slaughter, Satan met Ibrahim A at the place of ‘Masaharul Haraam’ and he defeated him. Then, after reaching Jamaatul Aqaba, to tempt the Prophet Abraham, he threw seven of his criminals after him and expelled him. Likewise, Jamaratul incarnation and finally Jamratul reached Kabra when he was barred from Satan Ibrahim. He threw the seven consecutive bumps in both places and expelled the devil and started to enforce Allah’s command. Today, to save the memory of Haji Sahib every year, it is necessary to throw bangles in the Hajj season.


It has been narrated in the other way that the devil was deceived, that Satan came to the Prophet Hazrat Aa and said, “Do you know where Abraham took your son?” He said, went to the Valley to collect wood. Satan swore and said, “He has taken him to slaughter.” Hazarah a north He said, never. He is more loving and affectionate towards him than me. At one stage Hajj. He said, if Allah had given him this command, then he would have done the best of obedience to Allah and surrendered before His command. Likewise, when Satan tried to deceive Isma’il al-Isra, then Ishmael A Seized him and released him. At last, when he tried to deceive Abraham, he said with a loud voice, “I must obey my Lord’s command.”

Prophet Abraham Tightened his eyes and tied his hands firmly on the advice of his son and started laying a knife in his own hands. But despite a lot of effort, a wool was not able to cut. During this difficult trial of the father, Allah said, ‘O Abraham! You made the dream come true. Allah had placed a copper plate between the knife of the father and the son’s voice. As a result, the knife can not touch the angle. Ibrahim A He opened the eyes and saw Gabriel. A deadly eugenol had been slaughtered by it. It was narrated that it was a paradise of dew to roam in Paradise for forty years. In another narration, it was an eighth of the sacrifice by Habil, son of Adam A.

According to Ibn Ishaq, a prominent Syratt expert, Isma’il A. Father said, O father! Tie me up while I’m sacrificing, so that I do not have blood because of my movement. The reward and reward can be reduced by this. Because, death is very difficult. I can jumper And make your knife sharp so that my hardship is limited. And keep my face down while lying down. Because I am afraid that if you look at your face, then your heart may get sidetracked, then it can obstruct the order of Allah. And if you feel good, then returning my shirt to my mother will be a source of peace for her. This was the final offer of the sacrifice

A question may arise that Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) So he dreamed of sacrificing his son, while he did not sacrifice him. Then the Prophet’s dream is true. In fact, Ibrahim A. In the dream he saw the son sacrificing. Sacrificed him and did not see him. Therefore, he had fulfilled his dreams, saw in the dream of sacrificing his life, and in reality, he carried the knife to the neck of the boy. But since he did not fulfill his dreams, he could not finish the sacrifice. Allaah has shown as much as he had dreamed of Ibrahim.

This wonderful test given is remembered by sacrificing animals in Tijh-i-ilhaj every year between Tauhidabad and Tawheed of mankind. This is how the example of the Father of the Nation passed the difficult test.

Habeled sheep, ewe He presented a good eighth offering for the sacrifice. And the work of Kabul was to work. He presented some grains, wheat etc. for the sacrifice. Then, according to the rules, a flaming fire came out of heaven and burnt the sacrifice of Abel, and the sacrifice of the Ka’bile was just as it was.

Elsewhere, Allah said, ‘Then, instead of Allah, they did not help those whom they had adopted as a means of attaining the benefits (of the sacrifice). Rather they disappeared from them. This was their lie and a mystery. ” (Surah 46 Ahqaf, Ayat 28) Once the people of Makkah who crossed the Syria tour, once the people of Samad and the people of Lot, were in the habitations. Allah Almighty destroyed them because of their unbelief and polytheism. Before that they destroyed them, they used to show signs, so that they would refrain from disbelief and polytheism. But they did not stop and were destroyed. Then, instead of Allah, those whom they adopted as (gods) for the nearness of God, they did not help them during the destruction and chastisement, but they got lost from them. That is to say that these deities were considered their deities and intercessors as their absolute mistake and inclined.

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