I heard many people that they want to know about Zam Zam water. Peoples question about Zam Zam water are like where does Zam Zam water come from? history of Zamzam water, how to drink Zamzam water? Zamzam water dua, or Zamzam water scientific miracle and more. So today I will give you a full information about the history of zam zam water and also try to give you a short description of those question what you are looking for Zamzam water.


Saeed bin Jubair (R) narrated that he said from Ibn Abbas, that when Ibrahim (AS) came out with the child of Ishmael and his mother, Hazrat had made him drink milk. Finally, where the Ka’bahar, Ibrahim (AS) brought them both and placed them under a tree situated on the upper part of the mosque on the Zamzam well. At that time Makkah city was full empty there were no humans or a water system. He kept them there with a pistachio and a little water in a bag and left them there. Then Ishmael’s mother followed, and said, “O Ibraham! Where are you going to keep us in this valley? There is no man, nor is there a provision of food. He kept saying this to him repeatedly. Ibrahim (AS) did not listen to his words.

Then Hazrat Hazera asked, ‘Has Allah ordered you to do this thing? He said, yes. Then Hazera said, “Then Allah will not destroy us.” Then She returned. And Ibrahim continued in front of him while walking on the path to the left of the valley, from which the wife and son could not see him. At that time, he raised his hands in front of Ka’bah and said, ‘O Lord, I left my wife and son near the park on the uninhabited barah near your revered house. So that they can pray salat. Draw some people’s hearts towards them, and give them fruits, that they may give thanks to you ‘(Ibrahim 37).



(Then Ibrahim (AS) left). And Ishmael’s mother used to feed her breast, and used to drink water from that potion. Finally, when the water end then was exhausted, she was thirsty and her child was also thirsty. She looked at the child. She was fluttering in thirst, or the narrator says, he is stuttering on the ground. As he looked intensively towards the sad condition of the child’s son, She moved away and found the mountain nearest to his place, safa, as his nearest mountain. Then he looked up and saw whether someone could be found. Without getting anybody, Safa fell down from the mountain. Even when she reached the lower ground, he raised an edge of his shirt and ran like a tired person. Finally, after reaching the hill, ‘Marwa’ came to the mountain and stood on top of her. Then she looked at the side, see if anyone can see? But no one could see. Likewise, She ran seven times. Hadrat Ibn Abbas said, “The Prophet (sm) said, ‘That is why people perform Run around those two Safa and Marwa mountain seven times during the time of the Hajj and Umrah’.


Then when She reached the mountain of ‘Marwa’, he heard a word and She herself said to herself, wait for a little. She listened intently and said, ‘You heard your words. Help me if you have any helper. ” Then She found an angel near Zamzam. Who hit the ground with an ankle or a wing of his feet, and immediately the water burst, and the water burst. Then, Hamjah (AS) surrounded his hands and made it right as a hawk and filled the mosquito with the cells. But still, the water continued to flourish.


The angel said to her (Hazara), ‘Do not be afraid of destruction. Because here is the house of Allah. This child and his father will build a house here and Allah will not destroy his people. ‘ At that time the place of Allah’s house was tall like a hill from the earth. As a result of the flood, he broke his right hand left. After this, Hazera was going to live here this way.



Zamzam water Allahu Akbar it is indeed a very blessed type of water and it is an amazing cure for many sicknesses as was taught to us by Rasool Muhammad(PBUH) said That the water of Zamzam is for what it is drunk for if you drink it with faith conviction and belief that a lost behind where the ILA will bring about amazing cures through that blessed water. it is not only for physical diseases it is even applicable in regard to psychological diseases marital issues jinn possession, black magic, evil eye and many other diseases say in. A marital bond if two spouses are having problems then scholars said to, drink Zamzam water intending that their problems should be resolved and Allah will bring about amazing results if they drink it with full conviction and belief IN SHAH ALLAH.


                                     اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ عِلْمَاً نَافِعَاًً وَرِزْقَاً وَاسِعَاًَ وَشِفَاءً مِنْ كُلِّ دَاءٍ

“O Allah, I seek valuable knowledge, wide sustenance, and cure of all ailments from You”.

                                                   (Hisnul Hasin)




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