Sacrifice is an important worship. It is obligatory to earn it

In spite of the ability, the person who has not performed this ritual has come to Hadith in Sharif, “Whoever has the ability to sacrifice but does not sacrifice, should not come to our Eidgah.” – Hakim, Hadith: 3519; Attarigib Wattarahib 2/155

The worship of worship is the loyalty of Allah and His satisfaction. Therefore, two things are important for the fulfillment of any worship. Performing the Ikhlas or the pleasure of Allah alone, and performing according to the injunctions according to the instructions of the Shari’ah. For this purpose, there are some important types of calamities mentioned here.



Every Muslim male-female, who is well-equipped, will be the owner of the wealth of Nasab in excess of the time from the time of Dzilhaj Fajr to 12 Zillahj sunset. Wajib should be sacrificed on it. There is no need for money, gold, silver ornaments, living and dining, land needed for additional home, business products and unnecessary furniture in Kurbani Nasab.

And in case of Nisab gold (7.5) in the case of gold, in the case of silver, fifty percent of the weight (52.5), the amount of money and other items are equal to the price of silver in the price of Nisab. And if gold or silver or money is not one of them, but if there is no amount of nasbah separately, but the need for more than one thing is equal to the value of silver, then it is obligatory to sacrifice it on Al-Mu’muhitul Burahani 8/455; Fatwa Tatarstan 17/405

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Monthly It is not necessary to live the whole year of sacrifice; Rather, if there is any day in the three days of the sacrifice, the sacrifice will be obligatory. -Badayeus Sanaay 4/196, Raddul Muhtar 6/312.

Three days can be sacrificed. Until sunset on 10, 11 and 12 of Zilhaj. But if possible, it is better to sacrifice the sacrifice on the 10th of the month of Zilhaj. -Muatta Malek 188, Badayous Sanaay 4/198, 23, Fataawa Hindi 5/295.



Even the children of the infant who are not well-equipped, who are the owners of Nesab, sacrifice is not obligatory upon them. Of course, if his guardian sits on his behalf by his own property, it will be valid. – Badayusa Sanaay 4/196, Raddul Muhtar 6/316.

The animals purchased for sacrifice are sacrificed after the time

If you can not slaughter in the days of sacrifice, then the purchasing pasu (animal) will be given to the charity. But if you slaughter (after a period), then you have to pay the full amount of meat. In this case, if the value of meat is reduced by living animals then the amount should be reduced to the amount which has been reduced. РBadayeus Sanaay 4/202, Abdurul Mukhtar 6 / 320-201

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